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The SGB Network recognizes that as businesses are started, their founders are likely wearing multiple hats due to the lack of affordable access to professional services.  Developed with this problem in mind, our mission is to help those companies at a critical point:  Not yet to the size in which they require, or can afford, a full-time in-house staff of professionals – but large enough that they need these professionals to protect the assets and capital in the business.


That’s where The SGB Network comes into play.  We provide access to free and discounted professional services through independent contractors, offering everything the Successful Growing Business needs to thrive.  For a small monthly fee, a business can join the Network and immediately have access to a full menu of discounted or free services that every Successful and Growing Business requires. 

Our Services

Some of our services include:





Point-of-Sale Systems




Insurance and Risk Management

Crisis Communication

Media Training

Wealth Management


The SGB Network offers all of this as a simple and easy solution for every Successful Growing Business.

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